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There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance,
adventure, solitude and peace. The way of a canoe is the way of the wilderness and of a freedom almost
forgotten, the open door to waterways of ages past and a way of life with profound and abiding satisfaction.
– Sigurd Olson
Varied BWCA Scenery with Big Border
Lakes, Cliffs, Waterfalls, and Pictographs
Fully Outfitted Guided Boundary Waters Canoe Trips for Friends and Families
Fully Outfitted Guided Boundary Waters Canoe Trips for Friends and Families
This is an all-time favorite of our guests and guides!  
It will take some more work to meet the challenges of hiking portages,
scaling beaver dams, and traversing larger water, but your work will
definitely pay off on this trip.  This option makes a great 5 or 6+ day

You'll see important Chippewa Tribe historical sites, including one of the
best displays of pictographs in the boundary waters, towering cliffs, and the
chance to see a big waterfall.  If fishing is your interest, you're  in for some
top-notch smallmouth bass action as well as the chance for a big-water
trophy walleye or pike.  And, we really like the campsites in this area.

Day one starts with a 160 rod (1/2 mile) portage followed by four more
portages and about 8 miles of paddling.  We are paddling small to medium
size lakes and slow-water streams.  There are also several beaver dams
along the streams where we will need to get out and lift the canoes and gear
over before carrying on.  Ah, the adventure!

We'll camp the first night on a fine walleye lake.  Day two puts us only a few
miles and, depending on the route, one portage (24 rods) or two portages
(24 rods and 65 rods) from our destination big-water lake.  

Then, we'll set up camp.  This location is a good spot for setting up a base
camp, staying here two or three nights, and venturing out on day fishing
trips or relaxing.  The scenery here is stunning, with a sweeping large lake,
towering cliffs, massive granite hills, and the opportunity to set foot in
Canada on a day trip to one of the boundary water's grandest (and loudest)
waterfalls.  There is also some interesting local historic and artifacts as well
as an unreported pictograph site to search out.

The simplest way to end the trip is returning on the route we entered,
camping on a small lake about three miles from the take out.  You won't be
disappointed with all this trip has to offer!  

For those looking to travel more miles and set up and take down camp
more often, there are several options for traveling a more challenging
route, covering more miles, and potentially completing a large loop route.
NOTE:  This is merely a sample itinerary for an intermediate difficulty canoe trip.  
We customize all our trips and serve dozens of BWCA entry points & routes.