Sterning a canoe in the BWCAW.
After growing up in South Carolina, she has
discovered that northern Minnesota is a
beautiful place to spend the winter! When the
lakes freeze over and the snow starts to fall,
Kate has guided dog sledding trips with
Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge, cross country
skiing over the rocky, woodsy terrain of the
Great North Woods.  

She graduated from Converse College in
Spartanburg, S.C., and then spent a year
teaching English at a public high school in
France. She also spent time teaching outdoor
education to students in Pennyslvania,
Minnesota and North Carolina, before coming
back north to live year-round.
Kate Ford
Wilderness Guide
In her free time, she also enjoys playing her violin (in
both the classical and the fiddle style), and making
stained glass art. She also enjoys traveling the world
as much as possible.

Kate really enjoys sharing the North  Woods with
people, particularly helping people discover what they
are capable of accomplishing.
Guided and fully outfitted canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) near Ely, Minnesota
Fully Outfitted Guided Boundary Waters Canoe Trips for Friends and Families
Fully Outfitted Guided Boundary Waters Canoe Trips for Friends and Families
Kate first came to the Boundary Waters as a teenager
with a national program at the
Northern Lakes Girl
Scout Canoe Base. She returned north after a few years
to work as a guide, eventually becoming the director of
the same Girl Scout Canoe Base.  Later, she managed
outfitting and guiding services at Ely Outfitting
Company, while also guiding wilderness trips.  Kate now
lives in Burlington, Vermont, and works for the Univ. of
Vermont in Residential Life.  She loves her students, but
is ecstatic to be back in the woods of northern Minnesota
when she can.
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There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance,
adventure, solitude and peace. The way of a canoe is the way of the wilderness and of a freedom almost
forgotten, the open door to waterways of ages past and a way of life with profound and abiding satisfaction.
– Sigurd Olson
Our guide Kate portaging a canoe from Wood Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)
Packing up to start a day of paddling the BWCA.
Kate appreciates the solitude and calm
that the wilderness offers.  She provides
instruction to make sure everyone stays
safe while having a ton of fun and
learning about the environment.

With her broad experience guiding Girl
Scout teenagers in these woods, she
specializes in women’s and family trips.