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There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance,
adventure, solitude and peace. The way of a canoe is the way of the wilderness and of a freedom almost
forgotten, the open door to waterways of ages past and a way of life with profound and abiding satisfaction.
– Sigurd Olson
Guided and fully outfitted canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) near Ely, Minnesota.
Fully Outfitted Guided Boundary Waters Canoe Trips for Friends and Families
Fully Outfitted Guided Boundary Waters Canoe Trips for Friends and Families
During four days on the water, expect days of both travel and base-camping. You will explore the clear waters of
Knife Lake, and you may take a day trip to a scenic overlook. There is also time to rest, relax, and, if you'd like,
fish. Each day will bring new experiences and sights, that could include waterfalls, wildlife, towering old growth
white pines, and beautiful Northwoods surroundings. Sign up by yourself, or bring along a friend, too. We look
forward to heading out into these beautiful woods with you!

You will make new friends and meet interesting people.  Our guests respect each other as individuals and work
together and learn with one another as a team on this trip.
Dates are June 13 - 17, 2017

Price is $755 per person

The price of this trip includes:  
Four days and three nights fully outfitted and professionally guided BWCAW trip to Knife Lake and Dorothy's former islands.
Motorboat tow to the start of the no-motors zone of the BWCA to start and end the canoe trip.
Signed copy of "Dorothy Molter:  The Root Beer Lady of Knife Lake."
Membership to the Dorothy Molter Museum.
Private tour of the Dorothy Molter Museum.
All BWCA permit fees and guide fees.

Maximum group size is seven participants.  Minimum group size is four.
Optional economical bunkhouse lodging is available before and/or after this trip for an additional charge.
A Guided All-Women BWCA Canoe Trip Exploring the Life and Times of
the Inspiring Root Beer Lady of Knife Lake
June 1
3 - 17, 2017
The Dorothy Molter Experience:
Paddle the legendary canoe route to the former home of the last
legal non-indigenous resident of the BWCA and learn about this
rugged woman's life of operating a wilderness fishing resort.  
Dorothy lived on the Isle of Pines on Knife Lake for more than 56
years where she paddled, hiked, fished, skied and snowshoed this
pristine area, until her death in 1986. As a result of the BWCA float
plane ban ordered by President Truman in 1949, Dorothy could no
longer have her wooden crates filled with glass bottles of soda flown
in.  She began brewing and selling her own homemade root beer to
passing canoeists, and became known fondly as "The Root Beer

You will visit the museum of her original cabins which were
transported out of the Wilderness by dogsled and snowmobile, as
well as paddle to the original location of the cabins on Knife Lake.
Sarah Guy-Levar, the executive director of the Dorothy Molter
Museum in Ely, will join this canoe trip and share colorful stories
from Dorothy's life.  This trip celebrates the life of one of the
strongest female outdoorspeople of the modern age.  This is a
professionally guided trip with a limited enrollment of only seven
About Your Guide
Your guide is Doris Kolodji.  Doris first met Dorothy Molter as an 8th grade participant on a Girl Scout canoe trip in
1972.  As Doris transitioned to leading groups of girls and women in the wilderness, she visited Dorothy on her island
regularly over the years.  Doris says that instructions were always given that "when we went to Dorothy's we were
to mind our manners because we were going into someone's home.  Dorothy appreciated the respect we showed, and
soon she looked forward to us coming as much as we looked forward to seeing her."
Group orientation and a tour of the Dorothy Molter
Museum will be the afternoon of June 1
3th. Plan to
arrive in Ely by 2pm that day. Early the next morning, a
shuttle will drop you and the canoes and gear at a
Boundary Waters entry point near Ely, MN. The group
will return to Ely mid-afternoon on June 1

To register, please call 218-343-7951.